Website Packages

If you need a new website, we can create it, and it will be superior to your existing site in every way…. and better yet… hassle free.

Because we specialise in SEO, every website that we create will not only look great, but will be 100% set up to rank in the search engines, after all, if nobody see’s your website, then what is the point of making one?

Here are some of the benefits of getting a website built through Powerhouse:

  • It will be done very quickly and efficiently (less then a month in some cases from conception to going live)
  • It will be built externally so there is absolutely no disruption to the current website.  When the new website is ready and approved by you, we simply flick the switch and the new website is live.
  • The website will be created with WordPress, which is extremely easy to manage, and I will provide you with ongoing support to teach someone in the business to update and change the website as required, saving you time, money and hassle.
  • It will be a totally custom website so the look and feel of the website can be whatever you like.  All websites are made to order. You will not see anything else like it on the net.
  • It will be built using the WordPress Thesis theme (not freely available), the same one Matt Cutts (head of the Google Webspam Team) uses, so you will be in good company.
  • WordPress is a tried and tested web format, that Google loves, and you can easily update yourself.
  • An opt in box to capture your potential clients emails can be easily integrated.  It will put them into a database automatically, and send them a newsletter, tips, product info, whatever you wish.
  • All your social media can be integrated if you wish. You can have links to your Facebook, and twitter accounts, even having all the recent posts displaying on the site.
  • Video integration to keep the interest of the viewer, and explain the products and services in greater detail.

Click here for an example of what can be created with wordpress! —> Example websites

What to expect:

  1. You fill out a very detailed and structured questionnaire (I can take you through this personally to make sure we get all the information we need).  Nothing will be left to chance… and we will get all the information required before making a start on designing anything.
  2. A number of “mock ups” will be completed.  These are basically JPG images of what the website will look like (just pics moved around on a blank page).  It this stage there will be no coding of the website… it is simply design.  This is where all the changes are made.  A number of mockups can be completed, going back and forth with minor changes to the design… until you are 100% happy with the look of the site.
  3. Once the design is signed off, the coding of the site is begun.  Here the design is turned into a functional website.  This is done on a hidden sub directory of your site, so there is absolutely no change to the existing site at this time.
  4. Once the coding of the site is complete, all the site content is copied onto the new site.
  5. You will now be able to see the new site, click through the pages, and it will be totally functional (yet still hidden).
  6. Once the site is approved, it is a matter of flicking the switch, and the new website is live.
  7. Any existing old page that is ranking in the search engines… will be redirected to the new pages.

And what really makes the websites that we design stand apart from the crowd is what happens behind the scenes:

  • Testing of the website on all browsers to make sure it displays perfectly.
  • All the websites have a sitemap that is submitted to Google (if your site does not currently have a sitemap, it is making it harder to rank the site).
  • All the images on the site are made SEO friendly.
  • A broken link checker is installed to check the site for any broken links…. saving you alot of time, and ensuing the site is SEO friendly ongoing.
  • The website can be automatically backed up every day, to ensure that if someone in your business makes a mistake, you can easily get the website back.
  • As the content on the website grows, the website will automatically link between the pages of the site with internal linking. (this is the reason wikipedia ranks for everything).  No web designer will do this for you.

This is the attention to detail and the added extras that set Powerhouse apart as a real premium provided, and you are getting much more than just a website.

Make sure you call or email me now for a review of your current site, and see where the opportunities lie for your business.