Here are alot of the tools that I use in my business.


I only use Hostgator. You can buy hosting direct here.

If you want me to host a website for you and sort out all the technical stuff I charge $10 per month. Just let me know.

Make sure whatever hosting you use has fantastico to upload wordpress easily.

Buying Domains

I use Namecheap to buy my .coms and I use Crazydomains to buy my’s. To be honest you could probably just use Crazy domains. They do the .coms’s cheap now also. You owe me a beer. Look at how cheap this is compared with other providers. Pricing changes so check both I guess.

Crazy Domains


Keyword Research:

If there is one thing in my business that I cannot do without it is Market Samurai. Who agrees???

It does everything. Where do I start. Keyword research, competition analysis, rank tracker, finds available domains, finds products to promote, finds spots for you to post and get backlinks (plus another not so obvious ninja way I know) , and the list goes on.

You can sign up here for a free trial.

Try Market Samurai now for free!

Do yourself a favor it you are getting into internet marketing…. this is the one tool you need.

I know the guys that created it (met them/hunted them down after I fell in love with the product) and as I said I use the program daily so if anyone needs help with it just ask.

Or if there is one section you are really interested I’ll make a vid on how to use it and get the most out of it (although the Market samurai help and education is pretty damm good.)

Here is an example of how I use it to quickly scope out a niche I may want to go into.

There is also a free option for just the keyword research and that is the Google Keyword Tool.

Google Keyword Tool

But I think you will agree after a few days on Market Samurai that you will never go back.

Creating a website:

I only use wordpress. Hint hint.

You can download the wordpress platform to your own domain here:


There are so many plugins you can use….

Her is a list of some of my favs:

SEO Smart links. Amazing for internal links and will transform a big blog

Auto SEO tags

Platenum SEO

Contact form 7

My website was designed with a paid theme called Thesis. It is amazing. Great support and alot of big users.

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

I also use this killer theme to create squeze pages really quickly and easily. It is just so easy to make a good looking website these days.

If you want a custom website made for you using the WordPress Thesis Theme, you will not get it any cheaper than this.

It is all down out of the US, you will be speaking with a native english speaker… and if you can dream it… it will be created.

SuperFast Web Pages

Browsers to use:

If you consider yourself an internet marketer you cannot be using Internet Explorer!

Firefox is great. Has a lot of good plugins:


Here are some of the cool plugins I use:

Great for web design and picking colours

Super ninja tool to get back behind the websites

See what Google results look like in other countries

There are quote a few people migrating to Google Chrome also now, although I have not just yet.

Google Chrome

Auto Responders

If you are not using an auto responder on your site you need to be. Building a list is everything, and these tools make it really easy.

I use Aweber. It is pretty cheap and easy to use:

Aweber $1 sign up

I do not use it but mail chimp is also very popular:


I Contact is another popular one. - Email Marketing Service

Video Production

A super cool tool to make video from photos is Animoto.

Animoto - The End of Slideshows


If you want to get leverage online you need to be outsoursing. I have 2 full time People in the Philippines.

There is alot of good info with this program:

Replace Myself

These are some great places to find outsource workers from OS.



I would highly recommend looking to the Philippines for employees. They have great English in general, they are very hard working and they are not entrepreneurial so unlikely to steal your ideas.

Let them know that English is of the up most importance and interviews will be conducted via Skype.

If you want some assistance to find a good outsource worker I recommend you contact Linh at for she has alot of experience in this area.


If you are not already using Skype… I highly recommend you get yourself a pair of headphones and start using it.


And if you want to record your calls there are a couple of options:

If you are on an apple call recorder is great
Call Recorder

If you are on a PC Pamela is for you

Record a call with an expert, put it on your website, and you have some instant premium content that people will be very interested in.


I love mindmaps. They are so great to get your ideas out of your head in a logical fashion.

I use a free one for it is functional enough for me.


Then there are some paid ones which are alot more sexy:


Article Marketing

Once your outsources have written your articles, you have to get them distributed. You can do it all manually… or you can do it the smart way.

This is one of the the key ways to get backlinks for your site.

The first thing you need to do is upload all your articles to the article directories.

At a minimum upload them to Ezine Article’s. Have a look at how the experts write their articles and model on them. Links in the resource box (with the correct anchor text to the correct page.

If you want to get your articles uploaded to all the article directories easily, you can use this service.

And then you will really want to get some good mileage from your articles… so you will need to rewrite them, and get 100′s of versions distributed all over the web.

This tool make is really easy to do that.