SEO Helper Pack

This pack is designed as an introduction to SEO, if you have a keyword that is not all that competitive.

It is also fantastic as a maintenance package, once you are ranking well you can implement a package like this to keep the links coming in consistently, and keeping the competition out!

1 quality researched article written by us (around 600 words each)
Submitted to 50 of the top article directories manually
Submitted to 250 more websites automatically with a tool that we pay to have access to
Posted to credible blogs in your niche (which we have a special agreement with) with good page rank, getting valuable one way back links

Link Directories:
Link submitted manually with the keywords to 10 link directories

And much more which I will not post here for the whole world to see right at the moment.¬† Don’t want to give away too many secrets…. but please ask and I would be happy to discuss with you.