SEO Packages

SEO is all about link building.  With one of my packages we can quickly and easily find a solution that suits your needs.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is generally made up of 2 parts.

The on page optimisation basically looks at getting the website set up to rank for your chosen keywords.  This gives you a nice firm base to work off, but is really only 20% of the work that you actually need to dd to rank well.

The next step is the off page optimisation.  This involves getting links from other sites back to your site, which act as a kind of “vote” for the relevance of your site in the eyes of Google.  Geting these links is called “link building”.

Monthly Link Building

Objective: To have your website move up the rankings for defined search terms

How: By getting your content all over the web, with valuable links back to your site.

Bonus: You should also get some qualified traffic following the links back to your site, although this is not the primary goal of the work.

How is it used: With each pack we can target between 1 – 4 keywords, depending on which pack you choose.  You should allow 4 months to see the best results, as it takes time for the links to come through, as well as giving us time to build the links consistently, because Google loves consistency.

Once those pages are ranking very well we can move onto the next group of key phrases, until you are ranking for all your chosen phrases.

Once we have defined what it is that you need, we can choose one, or a combination of the packs below.

Powerhouse SEO Helper Pack

Powerhouse SEO Smart Pack

Powerhouse SEO Kick Arse Pack

You can see the volume of work that goes into each pack.  If you hope you can just send a few links from a few random sites to get ranking, you better hope that your competitors are not using one of the Powerhouse packs.